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EXALT is a B.B.C.F.  initiative championing Christian Youth Development with a focus on the 14 – 19 year old age group. The objective is to provide biblical teaching and Christian guidance and training on life’s issues. In this context “life’s issues”  are contemporary topics which include music, drinking, cinema, drugs, money management, relationships, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.), fashion and the latest technology amongst a huge range of ready-planned topics. 

The aim is to encourage, educate and equip our youth to take on and lead amidst such issues, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of them.

The meetings, based on a topic for each month, will be held once a month in the form of a talk, a guest speaker presentation or a debate followed by games and activities.

The meetings will be led by the Exalt Team answerable to the BBCF Leadership team and the wider congregation.

Further Details available from Pastor Namgyal 9999625833 and Athot 9971415502

CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE TO FIND OUT MORE http://www.facebook.com/exalt.bbcf



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Bible Bhavan Christian Fellowship
Bible Bhavan, 50, Amrita Shergill Marg
New Delhi 110003


Hindi Congregation: dbi4.bb@gmail.com
English Congregation: dbi6.bb@gmail.com
Nepali Congregation: dbi8.bb@gmail.com