What is BBCF

We are a community of believers who strive to bring glory to God through prayer, study of His Word, music, loving Him and loving one another. We are committed to building families, the next generation, the Church and the nation.

All activities in the church are aimed at leading people to reach for Christ, so that lives are transformed. We believe that God has a purpose for all our lives, and that life would be meaningful only when we walk in consonance with His plans for us. We want to create an environment where you can belong to a Christ-centered community, and be challenged to grow in your faith.

BBCF cares about you

BBCF is a place where you will be encouraged to meet and connect with people who are like minded and you would be able to relate to. We firmly believe in supporting each other so that we would never have to go through life alone; we are convinced that this is the way God intended us to live when He created us.

As we have seen for the past few decades, such interactions based on His love will lead to rewarding relationships that will last for a lifetime; that will bring lasting joy and encourage you to live a life that God intended for us.

As you worship and grow in the church, you will feel the change that comes from knowing the Lord. Over the years, we have seen many lives changed; people of all ages touched by the power of Jesus, marriages restored and families brought back together; people who were in despair find hope and peace in Jesus.

More About Care Groups

We welcome children

Children have special place in our church and in our hearts; we believe that they are the most important of our members. We strive to create an environment where they learn about God in a way that is easy for them to understand, leading to them being firmly grounded in the teachings of the Bible.

Our teachers, many of them leaders of the church, use a well structured syllabus to ensure that the time they spend here is utilised well, even as they have fun with activities and music.

More About Junior Church

We believe in all round development

All of us struggle with life and its myriad problems, especially the fast paced life that most of us have to deal with. At BBCF we believe that walking with Jesus is not a weekend activity; it is a constant and joyful way of living and dealing with all aspects of our lives.

We therefore have groups which deal with various aspects of daily life, whether it is caring for each other in our own neighbourhood, sports and physical activities, our jobs or our hobbies. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, you will find like minded people who will be able to relate to each other’s needs and support each other.