Bible Camps

In our Bible Camps – the Summer Bible Camp and the Winter Bible Camp, children of all ages get the opportunity to learn, explore, laugh, and meet new friends while getting to know that God loves them.

They sing and learn new songs, play games, get to carry out a number of craft and other activities, and spend the whole day at the camp during the holidays.

One of the most important lessons that children learn is not to believe themselves to be worthy because of their successes or what others think of them, but to consider themselves worthy for just who they are; because God believes them to be of infinite worth.

Over the years we have seen many children enjoy the camps so much that they look forward to attending them again; they also start attending church regularly after this experience.

ESBC 2018 3One benefit of the camp is that children make long lasting friendships, which can often be more unique and extra special because they are living with each other and see their true personalities.

Because campers and staff come from all over the country, children learn to see others from a different perspective. Children tend to be accepted for who they are and do not have to be as concerned with what they wear or what they are good at, or how they look.

Look out for announcements regarding the camps on this page.

Contact the office on 011-24611311 for more details.

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Exalt Summer Bible Camp 2023

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