women 11Engaging the Academia is an initiative of BBCF, with the aim of providing a platform for the university community, specifically teaching faculties and research scholars, to find an interface between faith and their academic engagement.

We believe that the Lord is unrestricted from all areas of life and thought including the University and what it stands for. The imagined existence of binaries such as the sacred and secular worlds, will result in compartmentalisation of church life and our intellectual commitment in the university, ultimately leading to a dual or even self-contradicting existence.

Academia 01We propose to facilitate the community with biblical and theological resources that would help them, through collective learning, to explore what the Lordship of Jesus Christ actually means in different disciplines that are taught in the academic departments and research projects in the university.

Very significantly, we also aim to traverse how to speak and engage Christian-ly in the issues that occupy university life (from violent students’ protest to debates on the role of the university etc.)

Academia 02We intend to organise a series of lectures and seminars and invite contemporary Christian thinkers and authors, and also papers from Christian professors and research scholars from national and international universities.

We invite all who are involved in academic departments and research projects to join us as we are called to the field in which we are commissioned to labour.

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