cafe BB

Cafe @ Bible Bhavan is just what it sounds like - an evening with good music and a variety of culinary dishes from all parts of the country in an informal atmosphere that will help members to get to know each other. The music is also informal on this occasion, and various groups/individuals are given a chance to perform.

It is a great opportunity for all budding musicians to showcase their talent and to overcome stage fright, as also a perfect event for members to invite their friends to experience the power of the church in a non-threatening environment.

Held on the 5th Friday of the month (whenever there is a 5th Friday), it has always proved to be a popular event to introduce non-Christian friends to the church, where they can experience the bonhomie first hand.

Normally held in the evening on the fifth Friday of the month, in months which have five Fridays.

You get to relax and lounge around on bean bags (if you feel like) and get to know people, while having dinner consisting of a variety of dishes.

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