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What is FOCAS?2

As the name suggests, FOCAS is a group of God loving young adult singles who live and work in the city of Delhi. As a part of the BBCF church, we are a diverse set of people hailing from different parts of the country, but united in Faith. We support and encourage unmarried individuals to grow in the body of Christ.

The group comprises of young adults, in the age group of 26 to 32 years, whose purpose is to study and apply God's Word, serve the church & community, and build up each other. 

Vision and M1ission

Our vision is to practice loving Jesus, even as we learn together and shape  our future in consonance with God's will for our lives. 

The Mission of the group is to affirm the unique gifts and talents of our  individual members, with the aim of using them effectively to serve the Church and the community. 

Our Motto is : Connect >> Disciple >> Transform 

What we do...

The FOCAS group meets every Sunday after the morning English worship service, from 12:15 to 1:00 PM.

 During this fellowship, we examine various topics, based on the pressing needs of our members, and study God's word to   understand its practical implementation in these specific areas of our lives.

Realising that our life needs to reflect our Christian beliefs at all times, we strive to find the right interface between our life in the church and outside it. We understand that it is not necessary for us to attempt to handle everything on our own. We can always share our burdens with Christ, and what seems impossible for us would soon be made possible by Him. 

Apart from the regular study at the church, we also plan home group interactions, organise seminars, visits fo Senior Citizen homes and other interesting programs. 

FOCAS helps us to be Christ like in our daily lives; when the world sees us, we hope it would appreciate the wonderful work of Christ in our lives, and be encouraged to follow our Saviour. 

Let us all come together, talk, share and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. 


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