Church Now

Engaging the Youth

Church Now is an initiative championing Christian Youth development.

Many youth are restless, insecure, jaded, and desperately searching for meaning to explain all the hurt and suffering they see around them; searching for meaning for their very existence.
The focus of Church Now is on teens and young people with the aim of providing Christian guidance and training on issues that impact our daily life in an interesting, entertaining and up-to-date format.

We encourage Christian youth from the church to invite their friends and youth from other churches to experience the joy that a life with Jesus can provide.

Church Now 02The youth meet in friendly gatherings which include snacks, chats and group discussions on subjects that are contemporary and of interest to them.

Teaching young people in the church to grow in their relationship with the Lord prepares them to serve Christ in all they do.

This nurtures the congregation and allows the church to flourish.

church now 11Investing in today’s youth is necessary in growing the body of Christ.

It is important for the truth of the gospel to be passed down from generation to generation in order to grow the body of Christ.

Our aim is to raise young people who are committed to Christ, committed to the Church, and have the Christian Leadership experience to make a difference.


Date : 14 February 2019
Venue: Bible Bhavan, New Delhi.

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SOAR  2018

All the young people get away in the summer every year to the salubrious hills of Uttarakhand, for a time of relaxation. fun and learning.

Venue: Sattal Christian Ashram, Bhimtal





A festival of good music, food and fun for the college students, especially the freshers, aiming to introduce them to the church.

It is held in August to let the students feel the presence of a committed Bible teaching and preaching church in the city.


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