Ethnic Sunday

...Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of
prayer for all the nations?
                                                                                                                  - Mark 11:17

BBCF is a gathering of people from all parts of the country and the world, radiantly living the command from Jesus when He asked us to love one another; even as He loved us.

The human race was made in the image of God. Just as we are to join him in delighting in His diverse design of the created order, we are also to join him in delighting in His diverse design in people - his image bearers.

A genuinely Christian attitude toward racial and ethnic diversity is not one of toleration, but celebration.

Ethnic Sunday 01Twice a year, we celebrate our diverse cultural backgrounds by coming to church in our traditional costumes, as diverse and ethnic as they are!

Besides our dress, we also share our cuisine, and members get to understand and marvel at the diversity that is existent in our congregation, as well as the fact that this diversity does not divide us, but unites us in celebrating God’s creation.

Ethnic Sunday 02It is good to remember that underneath our varied cultural heritage, personal preferences, political views, and economic backgrounds, we all share the oneness of being a child of God.

As Christians we are charged to connect to all peoples of all cultures. As believers, we have been united with Christ through salvation.



 Ethnic Sunday April 2023 Video