Care Group 01

BBCF believes that meaningful relationships will be a determining factor in a person’s spiritual well being and readiness for experiencing autheList of Care Groups 02ntic Christianity. In an effort to facilitate and encourage development of healthy relationships, every member is placed into a Care Group to be properly cared for and served.

Care Groups are small groups of members that are overseen by our pastors and deacons. Loving one another is key to distinguishing ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ, and is the fruit of the gospel in our lives.

Making each of our members responsible for a smaller group of other members ensures that all are cared for in this church.


Care Group 02There are 11 Care groups presently spread out in different parts of the New Delhi and members are free to choose which Care Group to join, depending on their convenience.

It is in these groups that issues of the heart are addressed, where mutual encouragement and loving confrontation can find expression, and where members are able to share life’s experiences to encourage each other.

If you have been attending the church and have not been invited to any Care Group, or if you are interested in associating with a Care Group, please contact Pastor Abuan Pamei on 24611311.



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